The Art of Sourdough Baking

Learn from me online, how to make the most nourishing & digestible bread


Do any of these sound familiar?

Hi, I'm Holly Davis, a well seasoned wholefood, sourdough baking and fermentation teacher.

I am thrilled to announce my new program The Art of Sourdough Baking, an interactive 6 week, online baking course, beginning October 25. After teaching this program face to face, in Australia, for 22 years, it’s a delight to be able to present it online and share my fermentation and sourdough baking experience with you, wherever you are. 

I will show you HOW and WHY sourdough bread, made as I teach it, can be a wholly nutrient rich choice for your family to enjoy (including the gluten sensitive); just the way they like it, without the guilt. 

I will also teach you the art of making slow fermented breads and some sweet sourdough options, to make these the most nourishing and digestible possible. Perhaps best of all, you will learn how to fit sourdough baking into even the busiest schedule.


Oh! I have been waiting for this, yes, book me in!

Why you might learn to bake sourdough

  • For the satisfaction & pleasure of sharing a warm, crusty chunk of bread you made, with your loved ones.
  • Because, as well as insanely good textures and flavours you want to offer bread, that even the gluten sensitive in your clan can enjoy.
  • To make nutritious loaves, that no one need ever know is providing, valuable fibre and prebiotics to support gut health.
  • Because you get to choose and be certain exactly what is in your bread (and the cost of buying is halved too!)
  • You’re time poor and want to learn how to fit sourdough baking into your busy life.

Let me show you how to become a confident, competent sourdough baker; wherever you call home


The Art of Sourdough Baking Course Includes:

An introduction to sourdough

Everything you need to know about sourdough and what you will need to get baking.

Capturing & caring for yeasts

How to capture, maintain & restore starter. Good news is that once your starter is established, it is hard to kill!

The processes of baking

These are given once slice at a time, from mixing, to baking & how to read your results & troubleshoot.

What to do with excess starter

Far from a waste product, discarded starter has many fabulous uses. There are several recipes for using it and details for dehydrating it, to store long term as your back up, just in case.

Plus access to the following features... 

  • Thirteen high quality step by step video tutorials
  • Twelve 45 minute, live interactive zoom classes. 12pm Thursdays & 4pm Sundays AEDT (replays provided)
  • An in depth workbook 
  • A recipe book including, breads, crepes, crumpets, butter and cultured cream
  • Worksheets and guides to download including, bakers speak, various schedules and record keeping
  • A weekly round up email
  • A community forum
  • A resource guide, for sourcing ingredients & equipment 



By the end of the course you will have confidence in...

  • Sourcing the best quality ingredients for the breads you wish to bake

  • Knowing what flour to choose, for what purpose

  • Capturing your own wild and free sourdough starter

  • Understanding how to care for that starter

  • Distinguishing starter from a leaven

  • Reviving neglected starter

  • Making bread dough

  • Developing & shaping dough 3 ways, for round, oblong & tinned loaves

  • Scoring and baking loaves in several ways

  • Reading your results 

  • Varying time, temperature & proportions, to produce the loaves you desire

  • Making sweet & savoury sourdough

Payment plan


2 payments of $207

  • Immediate lifetime access to all content
  • Nine hours of interactive Zoom classes, details below
  • Community forum
  • 13 detailed video tutorials 
  •  Downloads
  • 2 Payments of $207
  • First payment due on sign up
  • Payments must be made in full by November 16
  • No coupons apply



Never to be repeated price

  • Immediate lifetime access to all content
  • Nine hours of interactive Zoom classes, details below
  • Community forum
  • 13 detailed video tutorials 
  •  Downloads
  • If you have a coupon, use it at the checkout

 All prices inclusive of GST in Australia


Course + 2hrs of one to one coaching


Saving of $137

  • Immediate lifetime access to all content
  • Nine hours of interactive Zoom classes, details below 
  • Community forum
  • 13 detailed video tutorials 
  •  Downloads
  • Two hours of one on one coaching - (value $390) Ask me anything
  • If you have a coupon, use it at the checkout

As soon as you sign up, you will be sent both of these...

My 36 year old dehydrated rye sourdough starter 'Joseph', with detailed instructions

Refresh mine, rather than make one from scratch or keep Joseph as your backup.

Starter and express post are my gift. Value $30

'How to capture a starter from scratch' notes and the recipe

Capture your own starter ahead of the beginning of the course.

This way, you will have active starter to use sooner so you can get baking. 

Self paced interactive online learning

Become part of this sourdough bakers community & take advantage of...

9 hours interactive coaching on Zoom

Have all your questions answered in detail, in 12, 45 minute Zoom sessions

Get bonus live content & on the spot coaching, (recorded to rewatch)

Zoom times: Thursdays 12pm & Sundays 4pm Sydney daylight saving time

Send me questions & photos if you can't attend live, I will address in class

A supportive community 

Learn together, everyone has something valuable to offer, your questions expand everyones learning.

As a member, you can share and develop connections with like minded folk, across the globe.

Become a baker for life

Video's that detail each step of the process. Learn a bite at a time. You can easily find the process you wish to rewatch & practise along with me. This can take your baking from ok to a thrill, two loaves at a time.

Invaluable Resources 

Your workbook to all the course content to print out.

A detailed recipe booklet.

Bakers terms & measures explained.

Record sheets, so you can track your results.

Timing schedules, so that you can see how to fit baking into your lifestyle.

Your resources page, for sourcing ingredients and equipment in your region of the world.

Hi, I am Holly Davis,  

My desire is to seduce people to shop, cook and eat the best way possible, to suit their resources and needs. I advocate that no matter where you are at, you never learn less. I have been teaching the art of home baked sourdough, since my first book Nourish was published in 1999. I am thrilled to say that people are using my most recent book Ferment, a guide to the ancient art of culturing foods (Murdoch Books 2017) in the UK, USA, Hungarian, Czech & Korean publications.

I have run successful wholefood restaurants, manufactured ready made meals, catered for from 1 to 700 people at a time. I sell a range of fermented vegetables, books, SCOBY's and dried starter cultures. I cofounded Sydney's Iku Wholefoods Kitchen 1985-1997. Iku was then, a pioneer of hand made, organic wholefoods. 

My hands on, 'Your Daily Bread' classes, at Cornersmith in Sydney, are frequently waitlist only. I run private and group workshops and online courses and consult with private and corporate clients. 

I co created and taught several units, including sourdough baking - bread, pastry and cakes; as part of Jude Blereau's three month long 'Whole & Natural Chefs Training Program'. My sourdough course and lactofermentation courses also feature in our comprehensive online program, Homemade Pantry.  

Holly x

Here is what others say about my teaching...


Birgit Hasseler

Student, Palm Beach

I couldn’t wait to get my very own bread started! It was informative, fun, well prepared, unique and last but not least, you made it very special by inviting us into your home. The warmth of your home reflects your warmth and welcoming style. You are a true foodie and your passion for everything food related is contagious.

Sandor Ellix Katz

Author & chief revivalist, Tennessee

Holly knows how to present ideas and recipes simply and clearly. Like me, Holly takes great pleasure in food and that comes through clearly.

Most important, she is encouraging and with her guidance and inspiration, you too can become part of the fermentation revival!

Olivier Collier

Student, Sydney

Holly is the most inspirational & knowledgeable woman, it is always the greatest privilege to learn from her. I leave feeling empowered, with a much richer insight into the science behind food, the nourishing capabilities of quality ingredients & I have a greater motivation to cook & feed my family. As ever, I learnt a bountiful amount from your class. 


Sarah Hatcher

Student, Sydney

Nourishing, educational, fun, delicious and full of heart! Holly's down-to-earth approach combined with her passion, deep knowledge, care and expertise make this the one of the best cooking classes I've experienced. It's one thing to follow a strict recipe and quite another to understand the principles and practices that allow you to really 'own' how to prepare healthy delicious food. The way Holly teaches allows you to understand enough so you can adapt and experiment using available ingredients.

David Janson 

Reader, Sydney

Holly, I’m so grateful that you put the time and effort in to writing Ferment! It opened my eyes to a completely new dimension of food, and has been an endless source of experimentation for me over the past few years. I love the misozuke tofu but so many of your recipes have become staples in my household.I always have a jar of kraut and kimchi on hand, and I use your sourdough and kombucha instructions like a bible! I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them, so thank you.

Debbie Mc Phail

Online student, Western Australia

Information is extensive and presented in a clear and practical way (with lots of visual aid). All of this is achievable from the comfort of your own kitchen. In the Live Round, Holly and Jude make themselves available to you for the entire course with their knowledge, smiles and humour."




Answers to questions you may have... 




Buy 100% risk free, with our money back guarantee...

We want satisfied customers to share the love of sourdough baking and spread positive vibes. We are confident that if you follow the course steps, this will be you. We have seen total novices and bakers who were having issues, delighted by the results they got, after completing this course.

If you let us know in writing within 30 days of purchase that you have followed the course to the point of baking the recipe for 2 loaves each, twice and have found that this course has nothing to offer you, we will issue you a full refund.

There is no fine print to scrutinise and no other questions will be asked. 

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