Hi I am Holly Davis

My life's work has been to seduce people to better ways of thinking about, sourcing, preparing, and eating balanced wholefood meals; by teaching how make or feeding people, irresistibly delicious foods, that happen to be good for them.

I have been a long time champion for the attainment of great health through the use of sustainable organic wholefoods; appropriate to the season, tailored to the needs of the person eating. I use traditional ingredients and respectfully acknowledge and embrace the dietary principles practiced by societies prior to industrialised food production. 

I am a wholefood chef and unstoppable teacher, beware standing beside me in a supermarket isle; I am likely to offer some snippet of wisdom about the pack of margarine or loaf of bread you just picked up!

I am also the author of two cookbooks, Nourish and Ferment, a guide to the ancient art of culturing foods. I am delighted to say that Ferment is currently on offer in Czech, Hungarian, Korean, English and American!

I teach face to face wholefood, fermentation and sourdough baking workshops, in Sydney Australia and online courses to the world. 

I have been cooking, catering, fermenting and teaching others how to do the same for over 40 years.

I am never happier than when I am sharing my knowledge, SCOBYs and starters with the curious.

I live by the idea that ‘You Never Learn Less’.

image © Kitti Gould