Learn to Make Tofu and Miso From Scratch


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Learn to make fresh, wholesome, homemade tofu and or fermented miso, from scratch 

There is nothing quite as satisfying, as making your own fresh tofu and fermenting your own miso, from scratch, at home. Both are surprisingly easy to make. Fresh tofu, has the most fantastic texture and flavour and oh so many uses. It is nothing, like store bought. Miso is traditionally made in Autumn and early Winter and then, left to ferment through Summer. It is then ready to use the following Autumn. The beauty though, is that, once your miso is ready, it can easily be kept for another year or more. Once you know how, you could make what you need, year to year.

All the recipes provided are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar.
Tofu is a fresh soy product which, is best eaten, either fermented or accompanied by a ferment, such as miso. Tofu and Miso are delicious, nutritious companions to one another, a great reason to learn to make both.

All photography ©Phillip Huynh

I am a wholefood * chef, author and educator, with a lifelong interest in fermentation. I have been fascinated with Japan, its customs, arts, crafts, people, nature, traditional foods and ferments since I was just ten. 
I became enamoured with macrobiotics and the concept of 'food as medicine' engendered by it, when I was fourteen. When applied to eating, macrobiotics is a means for, understanding the energetic properties of foods and what is appropriate, for your immediate circumstances.

I spent my 23rd year in Tokyo, working, and studying macrobiotics; revelling in all that was unknown to me. After coming to Australia, Willem Venter(1958-1991) and I co-founded Sydney's, Iku Wholefoods Kitchen in 1985. I sold in 1997. We founded Iku, based on our shared love of Japan and macrobiotic principles. We pioneered hand made, organic wholefoods. If you ate there, you will likely recognise some of the dishes I teach. In these courses, I aim to pass on some of my understanding and skill, so that you may enjoy a little of what these delightful foods can offer, you and your table.



* Wholefoods, are ingredients that are as close to their origins as possible. Processed only to the point, of greater digestibility and nutrition and ingredients, transformed to greater usefulness by the process of natural fermentation



Making tofu provides other products too... 

Sourcing ingredients

Your workbook details...

  • What you will need
  • What to look out for
  • Where to look
  • The process for making tofu and its by products
  • How to store 
Other products you will learn to make...
  • Fresh soy milk
  • Yuba - soy bean sticks or skin (an optional use for soy milk)
  • Okara - ground soy beans
  • Oboro - the first 'clouds' of curd & whey
  • Tofu - soft or firm, not silken
Putting all these to use

There are recipes for making use of yuba, okara, oboro, and tofu and because tofu is a regular addition to miso soup, you will also learn how to make the best dashi (stock) too 

Ferment your own miso and learn...

Types and uses for miso

Learn a little of miso's ancient history 

An introduction to rice koji and the types of miso it's possible to make

Sourcing beans, salt and rice koji and why to find the best


How to make miso +

Step by step video tutorial for making brown rice miso

To replay whenever it suits you

Your workbook provides extra details about the fermentation process, what to look out for and how to care for your ferment along the way


Uses for miso

Miso is a ferment and so can be used to ferment other foods, including tofu, learn how

Learn a range of recipes for putting miso to some of its many great uses

There are videos and written recipes for these uses. Make the best dashi stock for a delightful miso soup, with mochi croutons and more

Tofu from Scratch


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Tofu & Miso From Scratch


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Tofu + Miso

Miso From Scratch


Miso only

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Online course students said...

Sally Mc Shane

Art & Alchemy online, June 2023

 ...The care and respect you give every ingredient really demonstrates how to transform often humble ingredients into their delicious and nutritious best.  I love that you demonstrate Japanese wholefood cooking with a Holly twist born from long experience. 

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of your classes but this one is next level - everything is so beautiful to look at and a real visual feast!

Terese Hayward 

Online student Art & Alchemy June 2023

It’s great to start understanding more about the ingredients and pantry stores, the course is easy to learn from.

I’ve been following your work for a long time and have bought your books for myself and friends.

I like the production of the videos - they are communicated at the right pace.


Elizabeth Spencer

Art & Alchemy online, June 2023 - Mittagong 

I LOVE the classes, and videos, and recipe book, and how easy it is to find everything. All SO beautiful and engaging. Did anyone tell you that you're a great cook.. and  teacher? I can watch you for hours.  

 One of the things I LOVE about your cooking Holly is the lack of processed sugars and you teach, what a cook book just cannot provide

My six week interactive online cooking course 
The Art & Alchemy of Japanese Wholefoods 

Access from October 2nd 2023 first live class Oct 8th

This is an interactive, live online course with 15+ hours of core course content and 12 hrs of live Zoom classes
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The Five Elements of Flavour

I created a linen tea towel to use as a handy tool to assist in creating and balancing the flavour of your dishes. It outlines each element, the season, the predominant flavour, colour and indicates one of the related cooking styles.
Find these in the shop on my website, alongside, starter cultures and my book Ferment a guide to the ancient art of culturing foods.

Pauline O Callaghan

Art & Alchemy online June 2023 - Sydney

I know it's going to take me time to assimilate all of this wonderful information and ideas, but having the videos, recipes and community chat notes is invaluable! You just can't get this from a recipe book. I love that your food is so wholesome and nutritious. And I especially love the respect and appreciation you have for the foods you use.

Sheryl Simpson

Art & Alchemy Online June 2023 - New Zealand

Your classes were mesmerising, artful, thoughtful and calming. Your knowledge and steady voice provided a completely immersive experience, the space you curated with beautiful bowls, vessels, jars and produce was a visual feast.

Thanks for creating and holding that space for us all, where there seemed to be time for everything....including five minute ferments! to watch you tend your nukadoko was like watching a moving meditation.


Brooke Burton

Art & Alchemy online June 2023 - Victoria

The table spread with such delicious food is very inspiring. 
I have loved the course Holly. I think your confidence in the kitchen, your well timed humour, the way you move from one thing to another, and answer questions in between has been a really wonderful way to receive. 

Thank you so much for trusting us with your knowledge. Invaluable 
I look forward to re watching the videos. A very generous way of keeping the community alive 

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We delight in living & working Cammeraygal land.  We offer respect to them & all first nations folk. 


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