At home, with the flavour and ferments of Japan


Japanese Wholefood Cooking Course - Online

Core online course content, is yours for life from May 15

+ Four Interactive Live Zoom Classes

Sundays 10am AEDT May 21 & 28 June 4 & 11

All recorded to replay indefinitely


If you love eating Japanese food but prefer not to eat additives and a whole lot of refined sugar, this course is for you.

Learn to make a wide range of delicious, satisfying Japanese style dishes. These are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free and predominantly, plant based.
All made with, additive free Japanese wholefood staples; to provide dense nutrition and optimum digestibility.

Learn to make meals your whole family will enjoy for, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a quick supper, a snack and some, you could offer at festive events and dinner parties.

Make these with wholesome grains, beans including tofu & tempeh, a wide range of vegetables, there are also small amounts of the highest quality meat, fish and egg recipes included. Learn a range of quick and easily made dressings, sauces, marinades and condiments; to excite palates, create quick pickles, ferments and seaweed dishes, to delight and nourish.

This course is also likely to fulfil your needs, excite and delight you, if...

You would love a better understanding of what wholesome Japanese foods are, where to buy them and how to prepare them, simply, at home.

You want to expand your cooking skills, understand how to adjust flavour, so all the dishes you present are well balanced.

You have good quality Japanese ingredients you love but you only know one thing to use them in and you would like to expand your repertoire.


I am a wholefood* chef, author and educator, with a special interest in fermentation. I have had a lifelong fascination with Japan, its customs, arts, crafts, people, nature, traditional foods and ferments. 
I became enamoured with macrobiotics and the concept of 'food as medicine' engendered by it, when I was just fourteen. When applied to eating, macrobiotics is a means for, understanding the energetic properties of foods and what is appropriate, for your immediate circumstances. 
I spent my 23rd year in Tokyo, working, and studying macrobiotics; revelling in all that was unknown to me. After coming to Australia, Willem Venter(1958-1991) and I co-founded Sydney's, Iku Wholefoods Kitchen in 1985. I sold in 1997. We founded Iku, based on our shared love of Japan and macrobiotic principles. We pioneered hand made, organic wholefoods. If you ate there, you will likely recognise some of the dishes within the course. At the start, Iku served small amounts of dairy, fish and eggs and since this is how I continue to eat, the course recipes reflect that. If you prefer to eat as a vegetarian or vegan, all the recipes taught can be adapted to suit. 
I have spent all the years since Iku, expanding my knowledge of and refining my use of Japanese wholefood ingredients, always with the aim of making, enticing, nutritious and digestible meals. In this course, I will pass on some of my understanding, so that you may enjoy a little of what these delightful foods can offer, you and your table.


 *Wholefoods, are ingredients that are as close to their origins as possible. Processed only to the point, of greater digestibility and nutrition and ingredients, transformed to greater usefulness by the process of natural fermentation



Develop a relationship with...

Your Japanese Pantry 

You will learn about artisanal and more commercially available options.
All are versatile, easy to use and delicious to have on hand
Learn which ingredients to choose
Why to choose one over another and have more than one recipe to use these in 

Creating balanced meals

Apply Holly's principles of taste, texture, nourishment, simplicity and beauty; combined to produce, delicious, attractive and nourishing dishes

Balancing flavour

Get familiar with and put five element theory, as it relates to the seasons, flavours, colours and cooking styles to use. Use sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty ingredients and the appropriate cooking style, to create delicious well balanced dishes every time.  Learn how to adjust flavours to your preference

Wholesome Dishes

Best quality ingredients need the least doing to them.

Learn to make simple, versatile & desirable dishes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. 

Learn how time, water, pressure, salt and heat are used, to transform ingredients, to suit you and the season

You will develop confidence in...

  • Choosing the best quality ingredients and knowing you can use them in many ways
  • Considering what to cook, based on the needs and wants of those you are feeding
  • Making and using stocks, soups, grains, noodles, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, beef, pork and fish, pickles, ferments and something gently sweet too
  • Knowing how, to cook relatively simple meals, to delight and satisfy the needs of your diners
  • Making meals, that offer fantastic flavours, textures, nutrition and digestibility
  • Using the principles taught, for creating a wide range of balanced dishes
  • Altering recipes to account for the season you are in
  • Knowing what cooking process to use, for what ingredients
  • Making longer term ferments and a range of quick pickles 
  • Putting a few choice ingredients together, to make fantastic sauces and dressings

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  • 30 + recipes and components taught in detailed videos  
  • PDF Workbook, recipe book & resources 

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Course access May 15 2023

  • Become a community member, fb free
  • 8 hours of live interactive Zoom classes
  • Lives all recorded to replay, when you choose
  • Lifetime access to all included content
  • Join any future live round, of this course - No extra cost
  • 30 + recipes and components taught in detailed videos  
  • PDF Workbook, recipe book & resources 

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Course access May 15 2023

  • Pay in 2 instalments $247.50 each
  • Become a community member, fb free
  • 8 hours of live interactive Zoom classes
  • Lives all recorded to replay, when you choose
  • Lifetime access to all included content
  • Join any future live round, of this course - No extra cost
  • 30 + recipes and components taught in detailed videos   
  • PDF Workbook, recipe book & resources page

Self paced, online learning 

Take advantage of all these features...

The core course - recorded and online

3.5hrs+ of high quality video content

Including - Intro to pantry staples, Japanese meals & the five elements of flavour

19 videos, teach 29+ recipes and components

Rewatch whenever you wish & cook along with me

4 Interactive live Zoom classes 

All recorded to replay whenever it suits you

Four, two hour cooking classes

Sundays 10am-12pm AEDT

Learn new skills and recipes

You direct your learning, make requests

Have all your questions answered 

A supportive private community

No facebook needed

Share your insights and queries with like minded students from across the globe 

Learn together, everyone has something valuable to offer.

Your questions expand everyone's learning

Ask anything course related

Invaluable resources include

Your workbook with glossary pdf

Detailed recipes, to accompany the videos + extra recipes pdf

An expanding resources page, for sourcing ingredients and equipment

The linen tea towel, outlining the five elements of flavour & how to create balance - Available to buy, if wanted

Ferment, a guide to the ancient art of culturing foods

I am thrilled to say that people are using my most recent book Ferment, a guide to the ancient art of culturing foods (Murdoch Books 2017) in the UK, USA, Hungarian, Czech & Korean publications. I have Australian imprint copies for sale in the shop on my website. Translations are available in the relevant countries and online.

Would you like the tea towel?

I created these linen tea towels, as a handy and may I say rather lovely tool for employing five element theory. They outline each element, the season, the predominant flavour, colour and an indicate one of the related cooking styles. These are designed to assist you in creating, the most delicious, balanced dishes.
These will be available to buy from within the community.

Others have said ...

Sarah Hatcher

Student, Sydney

Nourishing, educational, fun, delicious and full of heart! Holly's down-to-earth approach combined with her passion, deep knowledge, care and expertise make this the one of the best cooking classes I've experienced. It's one thing to follow a strict recipe and quite another to understand the principles and practices that allow you to really 'own' how to prepare healthy delicious food. The way Holly teaches allows you to understand enough, so you can adapt and experiment using available ingredients.

Sandor Katz

Author & chief revivalist, Tennessee

Holly knows how to present ideas and recipes simply and clearly. Like me, Holly takes great pleasure in food and that comes through clearly.

Most important, she is encouraging and with her guidance and inspiration, you too can become part of the fermentation revival!


 Jude Blereau

& Collaborator, Perth

Many people teach but few empower students with a complete understanding. Holly is a patient and gifted teacher, a pioneer of wholefoods, wholesome and nourishing eating. Her students develop the confidence needed, to put what they learn into practice. Her extensive knowledge, skill and experience means ­– you can be in no better hands.



 Kimberly Ashton

The well nourished vegan class

Wonderfully nourishing cooking class indeed! Such delicious food & ingredients that more people need more of. The Vegan trend is very popular, which is great, however Holly shows how to ensure you get enough minerals, fiber & wholesome goodness into your kitchen. Would recommend this class to people wanting to learn more about plant-based/vegan cooking, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or not. We all need more nourishing cooking.

Catherine Waterford

Learn to Ferment online

I am so enjoying this exciting course. Having the freedom to do what fits in with my life,  makes for an enthusiastic beginning. The videos, replay zooms, notes & recipes increase my confidence. It all gives plenty of space, to make decisions about equipment, which ferments I would like to try, while factoring in the seasons.  Your comprehensive and clear details have answered most peoples questions. Input from fellow students adds to the the enjoyment and your dispelling of 'myths & legends'  has been very helpful. 

Olivier Collier 

Sourdough class, Sydney

Holly is the most inspirational and knowledgeable woman, it is always the greatest privilege to be a part of Holly's classes. Every session I attend of Holly's I come away feeling empowered with a much richer insight into the science behind food, the nourishing capabilities of quality ingredients and a I am given a greater motivation to cook and feed my family. Once again Holly I learnt a bountiful amount from your Sourdough Baking class and I cannot wait to see you again soon.

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